January 8


Consume These Top 3 Nutrients to STOP the Unhealthy Eating Cycle

By Sue Ingebretson

January 8, 2013

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The holidays are over so grab your feedbag and let’s fuel up!

But, wait? Isn’t it the time to diet – to limit food intake – to sacrifice?

No way!

Who said that it takes cutting back or depriving yourself to release those unwanted pounds? Rather than thinking in terms of limitations, think in terms of endless opportunities. When you focus on the quality of what you eat, you’ll always come out ahead.

Eating foods that satisfy

your body’s desire to stay fueled and energized

is the quickest way to release unwanted pounds and feel great!

What happens when you consume empty-nutrient foods?

You crave MORE empty-nutrient foods.

What happens when you consume nutrient-dense, fiber-rich, natural and living foods?

You eliminate cravings and feel satisfied and energized.

I won’t ask which you’d prefer, because who would intentionally choose to experience this cycle of eating poorly and always feeling hungry?

Here are my top three reasons why consuming whole, nutrient-dense foods stop the endless cycle of unhealthy eating:

1)      Fiber: (HINT: Make fiber your BEST friend in 2013!). Veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds are often fabulous sources of fiber besides the multitude of other nutrients they provide. Fiber keeps us feeling fuller longer. Fiber helps us to burn our nutrient “fuel” more efficiently and keeps our intestinal system regular and healthy. Fiber also helps to regulate blood sugar which is a powerful tool to deal with inflammation in the body.

2)      Enzymes: Fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds also contain the natural living enzymes you need to break down your foods properly and digest them efficiently.

3)      Protein: Whether animal or plant based, protein plays a strong role in providing you with sustained energy while creating a sense of fullness and satisfaction.

BONUS TIP: Be sure to include drinking plenty of clean, pure, filtered water. Water is a much-needed nutrient that helps us to digest our foods, detoxify, and stay energized. Check out these quick and easy tips to make drinking water a habit for life.

Rather than limiting your food intake, increase it! There are thousands of varieties of veggies (or perhaps hundreds of thousands?). In any case, isn’t it likely there’s something you haven’t tried? Endless varieties of whole, natural foods await your experimentation.

Wondering where to start? Check out this FAB Fiber Foods Chart and keep a copy on hand for your next produce expedition. Also, check out this Top 10 Protein Foods List (which includes the top 10 best sources along with the top 10 worst sources of protein).

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My mission here at Rebuilding Wellness is to arm you with new and supportive information. I hope you decide to make your health journey a reality starting today. Got questions? Submit a comment below and let’s keep the conversation going!

  1. Great advice Sue. New year, fresh start! I am off glutens now for about 2 months (goofed up a bit during recent travels) and that has helped me alot! Slowly shifting towards more servings of fruits and veggies …feelin’ great too!

  2. That’s wonderful, Gerry! As you INCREASE the good stuff, you’ll notice a natural and gradual shift away from the not-so-good stuff. So, it’s all about abundance and generosity of servings 😉 Hugs!

  3. Don’t forget the fats! There are lots of good ones out there (I’m hearing good things about virgin coconut oil, for instance), and of course I mean in moderation. I have been reading up on turmeric, as an anti-inflammatory, and wondered why I never got that benefit from it. The key is, apparently, that it is consumed by stomach acid if you don’t take it with some form of fat, which carries it to the intestines for absorption. Of course, one major reason for including fats is that they are the element that actually satisfies hunger. Which is why fat free diets often result in weight gain.
    Of course, take this advice with a grain of salt – sea salt!

    1. You’re so right, Louise — in fact, fats are so important, they’ll get a post al of their own in the next week or two. I originally had 5 nutrients including fats, but I whittled it down. And, as far as the turmeric goes, it IS a great anti-inflammatory and you may be getting benefits that simply aren’t obvious yet. I’d suggest to keep taking them — and I love the sea salt reference. Kudos to you!

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