January 26


Want a Health Upgrade?

By Sue Ingebretson

January 26, 2016

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When offered an upgrade, do you say, ”Yes, please!” Whether it’s an airline seat, a rental car, or a better vacation location, there’s nearly always a way to enrich your options. Some upgrades reflect a refined taste. Others, a stronger sense of what’s acceptable to you. When it comes to your own health and your diet, are you ready to upgrade?

The definition of UPGRADE:

To raise or improve to a higher standard.

Sounds good to me.

I remember walking through model homes years ago and reading the brochures that featured available upgrades in carpet, drapes, granite, etc. Oh, the fun choices. 😉 It’s exciting to think of the options available when it comes to furnishings, decorating, and stylish accents.

But, I’d like to talk about another type of style: Your inner style.

We have an opportunity – every single day – to upgrade our choices when it comes to our health and beauty products, our detergents and cleaners, and – of course- the very foods we eat.

For example, in my twenties, I used whatever shampoo I picked up on sale, and never gave it a thought. I didn’t read the label, either. Now, I wouldn’t consider doing that. Price isn’t necessarily the discriminating factor as you may think. In fact, I can make shampoo very cheaply with my own healthy ingredients. Whether I make my own or purchase a healthy, non-toxic product, the shampoo I use now is a significant upgrade – in both quality and purity.

The same goes for my skin care products. The only thing that goes directly on my skin are lotions or blends I create myself with my healthy, pure, vibrant essential oils. Additionally, I purchase moisturizing and makeup products made by my cousin’s company, Fresh Focus Skin Care.

Yep, I’ve upgraded.

If you’d like more information on her company you can click the link above. If you’d like more information on pure healthy healing essential oils, contact me here.

Lastly, my standards of upgrading my foods is pretty simple. If God made it and it’s good for me, I’ll eat it. If man made it, and it has added preservatives, additives, dyes, and other toxins, I’ll pass.

I’m always on the lookout for higher quality, natural, healthy healing products. The future of my health is worth the upgrade.

What about yours?

Have you upgraded lately? Do tell!

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