September 20


Vital Plan Restore Program Review

By Sue Ingebretson

September 20, 2016

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Would you like an effective and Vital Plan to Restore your health? If you deal with pain symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme, and other chronic illness health challenges, you know that gut health is a primary concern.

I’ve discovered a program that tackles this issue and much, much more.

I can’t wait to tell you about it.

I first heard of the work done by Dr. Rawls, MD many years ago as it applied to healing fibromyalgia naturally. I’m always pleased to see physicians who understand the metabolic functions of the body and promote root level healing protocols. I also value the fact that Dr. Rawls has experienced the devastating effects of chronic illness on his own health.

His fascinating recovery story is detailed in his book, Suffered Long Enough, which is provided as part of the Restore Program protocol.

I knew that I valued his recovery story and found many parallels to my own. We both discovered the powerful healing benefits of healthy nutrition, key supplemental nutrient support, body movement, and stress management.

When I was asked to participate in this program, I jumped at the chance. 

Here’s why.

When I work with clients, they generally fall into one of two categories. They either have no nutritional background and are making changes and starting from scratch. Or, they’ve made some (or even many) changes and they want to improve their health even further.

Both categories can find value in the Vital Plan Restore Program. While I recommend my favorite supplement support products to my clients, it’s handy, practical, and beneficial to recommend a complete program that covers all the bases.

I wanted to personally test this program – for the benefit of my clients.

I didn’t expect it to benefit my own health.

That’s not as harsh as it sounds. I had every faith in the program, but since I experience few and limited symptoms, I thought that the benefits would be difficult for me to pinpoint.

Not so.

I made significant dietary changes more than 10 years ago and have steadily improved my digestive health over time. But I was surprised to notice changes in my digestive health about 30 days or so into the program. I won’t bore (or embarrass) you with details, but it was clear to me that the protocol had an effect.

My results weren’t only related to digestive system. For the past 5 years or so, I’ve had issues with my eyesight as well as with floaters in my eyes. I noticed that during the program, the floaters actually increased … and then went away almost completely. That surprised me.

And, then I had an emergency situation.

About 2/3 of the way through the Vital Restore program, I ended up having a serious health challenge (tooth-related) that had surprising results. I experienced a sudden and unexpected infection that required a hospital visit replete with IV medications and antibiotics.

Considering that I haven’t taken an antibiotic in more than 15 years (and avoid them like the plague), I feared this would devastate my intestinal health. I contacted the support team at Vital Plan and they encouraged me to get right back on track. Between the Restore Program, my increased dosage of probiotics, digestive enzymes, and L-Glutamine, my digestive system returned to normal very quickly. In fact, my health rebound exceeded my expectations.

So, what else does the Restore Program include


I’ve mentioned that this is an incredibly comprehensive program. It not only includes the the book and the products to rebuild digestive health, it also includes a nutritional program guide, tracking surveys throughout the program, diet plan and recipes, a video course, and an abundance of support. Daily emails answer just about any question you can think of – and many you wouldn’t. 

Dr. Rawls has experimented, tweaked, and formulated his own blend of 50 key ingredients into 4 Main Products:

  • A-Biotic

Supports the gut, immune system, and microbiome balance

  • Adaptogen Recovery

Supports immune function and the body’s stress response

  • Mitochondrial Support

Supports cellular energy production and tissue detoxification

  • Prevention Plus

Powerful detoxification and antioxidant support

The main program consists of taking 3 capsules of each product twice per day. And, as someone who has difficulty swallowing pills, I managed to not find this as prohibitive as I thought I might. I either took them with meals or had them with a few raw cashews right before a meal.

I found the nutrition guidelines to be a no-brainer. Although that’s probably not the average response to this program, it was for me since I’ve made significant changes to my diet over the years. What I think others will find helpful is that the dietary changes happen in phases. And, with the abundance of support, there’s sure to be an answer for anyone’s specific dietary need. 

When it comes to cost, here’s the thing. For those who live as I do paying out of pocket for programs like this isn’t surprising. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a significant investment. I just mean that it isn’t unexpected. All of my “medical” costs are out of pocket (natural supplements, natural health practitioners, natural foods, etc.) and I know the value of caring for my health in this way. For me, I’d plan in advance to participate in a program such as this and I’d save up to purchase it. I feel this is an extremely high value program that is fairly priced considering the comprehensive content. 

So, will I recommend this to my clients?  


I’d definitely recommend this program as it does what most people need when it comes to pain management. It kicks into gear the healing process for whole body inflammation and leaky gut by creating microbiome balance. This is the key to restoring health. 

Do you have questions about the Vital Plan Restore Program? Please share in the comments below or email me at this site. 

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