August 5


Downloadable Water Hydration Tip Sheet for You!

By Sue Ingebretson

August 5, 2014

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It’s surprising how a fundamental health practice – such as drinking water – can become so complicated. Some people are very regimented about what water they drink, when they drink, and how they drink it. I’m just glad to know that people are drinking (water of course)! But to help clarify things a bit, would you like a downloadable PDF Personal Water Hydration Tip Sheet? Of course, you would.


We all know that proper hydration is a fundamental part of staying healthy. Increased water consumption (avoiding dehydration) can help make digestion more efficient, regulate body temperature, improve your body’s ability to detoxify, and even decrease joint, back, and muscle pain. All good 😉


Consider that the brain consists of 90% water. The bones consist of 22%, the muscles 75%, and blood 83%. Water is a fundamental nutrient — yes, water is a nutrient! If you experience any of the following, you may be dehydrated (whether you recognize it or not). HINT: Don’t wait to feel thirsty – hunger often masquerades as thirst. If you’re hungry between meals, drink up.


● Dry skin/dry eye

● Morning nausea

● Dark yellow/orange colored urine

● Constipation

● Impaired digestion

● Chronic coughs/phlegm/congestion

● Problems with weakness/dizziness

● Back pain/joint pain

● Increased/fluctuating heart rate

● Chills/fever, temperature fluctuations


The body actually needs, craves, and requires sufficient quantities of pure, clean water.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but of course, I will anyway. Please avoid sodas, sugary blended drinks, sugary fruit smoothies, sports drinks, fruit juices, etc. Avoid caffeine and fake sweetened drinks, too.


For healthy hydration …

just drink water.


Important TIP: Avoid tap water as it may contain harmful heavy metals and contaminants.


If you’d like more tips on WHY drinking more water is a good idea, check out this article from our friends at Food Matters and Hungry for Change.


Want even more tips and a nifty Hydration Chart? Click on this downloadable PDF to get your own RW Personal Hydration Tip Sheet now. 


Turn your drinking problem into a drinking solution today!


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