January 14


Why I’m More Like Valerie Bertinelli Than Sally Fields at New Years

By Sue Ingebretson

January 14, 2014

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Why-I’m-More-Like-Valerie-Bertinelli-than-Sally-Fields-at-New-YearsToday’s post will link together the disparate concepts of weight loss programs like Jenny Craig, Valerie Bertinelli, chronic illness (including fibromyalgia), and health solutions geared to give you the very kick you’ve been looking for in this bright and shiny New Year.

Beginning in November, I started to receive emails from other health practitioners who specialize in weight loss. I was asked – repeatedly – to take part in various summits, seminars, workshops, and programs all to take place in January 2014. It was SO exciting to feel in such demand!

Although it was very hard, I had to wade through the requests and pick just a select few (more on that below).

At the time, I felt like Sally Fields saying, “They like me … they really like me!”

Then … I panicked.

What if they wanted me to participate so that they could use ME as a weight loss BEFORE and AFTER example? Did they know that I’m carrying more weight around my middle than I’d like? Egads!

I remember hearing Valerie Bertinelli in an interview talking about being approached by a representative of Jenny Craig. Was she excited and honored to get that phone call? Nope. She was totally freaked out and worried about hidden cameras and spies. She thought to herself, “They know I’m fat! How do they know?”

It’s scary to think that the focus is on us. Then reality hits and we realize; it simply isn’t that personal. The truth is, I am carrying around a few more pounds than I’d like. Yessiree. (I eat healthy most of the time, but still find that I gain and lose the same pounds over and over.) But am I freaked out about it and in hiding? No. 

I know that these weight loss experts weren’t contacting me because of me, per se. They were looking to me as a conduit to my Rebuilding Wellness community (ahem, that means you). 

As members of this chronic illness community, we have a lot in common. Besides sharing diagnoses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue/ME, arthritis, diabetes, migraine disorders, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, general autoimmune disease, asthma, cancer, RSD, etc., most of us understand what it’s like to live with pain, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, etc.

And … what other common health concern challenges many of us to boot? Weight issues.

The following fact won’t surprise anyone who deals with the daily ins and outs of chronic health challenges:

 Unwanted weight gain is a common side effect and direct result from medications, injuries, mobility limitations, digestive dysfunction, adrenal/hormonal/thyroid issues, and other factors including stress and mood disorders.

It’s time to get back to the subject at hand. You’ll hear more about various opportunities to participate in health and weight loss summits in the weeks to come. For now, I’d like to give you the deets on a program that I’m very excited to talk about – and for good reason. 

I’m happy to share information and programs when I feel they have value. But the one I’m sharing today not only has value, it’s one that I AM personally plunking down my own hard-earned dollars to participate in!

This program has the potential to change how you feel from this month forward and beyond. What if you could kick off the year by losing a few pounds (that’s a potential side-effect) AND detoxifying your body in a healthy way?

The secret in any healthy lifestyle program is to implement eating behavior changes that will last a lifetime. That’s the focus of my own work and many of my own programs. But, sometimes you just need a kick-start (or a kick in the pants).

This featured More than Weight Loss Program can provide just that kick.

Sometimes, getting a detox or cleansing boost can help to motivate us to make future changes. This 6 week program is based on reducing whole body inflammation through the use of specific supplements, personal assessments, constant guidance with webinars, and written detailed instructions — all tied up with a supportive and interactive community.

For now, I’d just like to say that if you’re looking for a healthy way to detox, reduce inflammation, and – if needed – shed a few pounds, you’ll want to check the More Than Weight Loss program out. Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and others provide a temporary solution to a long-term problem. Don’t you deserve better?

I should tell you that the creator of this program, Glen Depke, a traditional naturopath, is not only an expert diagnostician in the chronic illness field, he’s my own personal health practitioner, mentor, and good friend.

So, what’s better than tackling a difficult task such as a New Year’s resolution? Tackling it with the support of peers and mentors! When you take part in this comprehensive program, you’ll be in the company of others willing to support, encourage, and inspire you to succeed.

I urge you to hurry and check this out as Glen has been kind enough to offer a whopping $150 off of this program but, I don’t know for how long. The starting date is set for the 21st of January, so grab your spot now.

For more, watch this informational video:  You may choose to listen only or click on “Slides” in the black box located in the upper left hand corner and watch as well as listen.

Got questions? Let me know! I’d love to hear what you think.



Sue Ingebretson

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