November 11


Healthy Weight Loss Secrets Summit

By Sue Ingebretson

November 11, 2014

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Have I told you lately how important your health is to me? I’m grateful for every member and visitor of this Rebuilding Wellness community! That’s why I’m sharing this information about weight management and weight loss with you today. For those with health challenges including fibromyalgia, keeping fit and healthy is critically important.  


Looking for weight loss motivation?


I’d like to invite you to participate in a wonderful health summit that will take place soon. It’s called – 


21 Healthy Secrets to Lose Weight:

Begin Your Path to

Health, Wellness, and Body Confidence

summit with Ayesha Khan.


I’m excited to announce that I was selected to participate in this event as health expert and speaker. Of course, I’ll be sharing information on nutrition, chronic illness, food sensitivities, and weight management.


So, what’s in it for you?


This helpful and healing summit positions you specifically to win. By participating in this free event, you’ll benefit from the collective advice of health experts to launch your own healing journey. These experts will share their top tips on health, wellness, motivation, fitness, and more. Of course, the entire summit will focus on these topics as they relate to weight management concerns.


The goal of this summit is to share information that will help you extract what you need to know to feel good, eat right, reach and stay at your ideal weight, sleep well, nourish yourself beyond food, uncover food sensitivities, and more!


This summit has the potential to remove your limiting beliefs about your own health and open you up to a world of possibility.


Is it possible to leave behind procrastination and self-defeating practices and learn the methods that support and affirm your health goals?


It’s a common fact that people who have a winning network find greater success. In fact, they do so faster and more efficiently. By collecting information from those who’ve already succeeded where you currently struggle, you’re adding to your winning network.


This is your chance to address your weight challenges and design your own healthy lifestyle in a way that fits in with your busy life.


Get the inside scoop from top health experts at no additional cost. Click here to register and to receive all the details you need to participate. 


Wouldn’t it be incredible to be a part of an event that inspires and empowers people to change health for good? Much of this information will share the mindset and emotional issues surrounding weight challenges.


This is your opportunity. And, would you kindly share this post with your friends, family and others who could benefit from this summit?


My friend, Ayesha, has determined that this summit provides the value of a $25,000 mentor mastermind. It’s your gift for free. We’re donating our time and expert advice … so that you benefit!


If you’re ready to feel great, look great, and live longer with vitality, I invite you to join me in the 21 Healthy Secrets to Lose Weight: Begin Your Path to Health, Wellness and Body confidence summit.


The time to live the healthy life you’ve always wanted to is now! This series begins next week — November 19th.


P.S.  Each interview in this series will only be available for a limited time. So register now and claim your free spot here! 


I have an announcement to make!! Are you in the Orange County, CA area ? Hear me speak on the THREE Fundamental Healing Principles for chronic health challenges. Free! Join me on Monday, November 17th at 11:30 am at the Rehabilitation Institute of Southern California in Orange. Contact me here or connect with Irene at the Orange Facility


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