January 21


Have You Tried the “Borrow a Brain” Method of Weight Loss?

By Sue Ingebretson

January 21, 2014

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have-you-tried-the-borrow-a-brain-method-of-weight-lossHave you ever wished that there was an easier way to absorb information when it comes to something that you want to learn? What if you could borrow the brain of someone who understands topics such as pain, chronic illness, and weight loss?


To gain self-improvement and self-healing information, you can read books, watch documentaries, research online and compile your own notes, attend live workshops, and/or hire a personalized coach — among other methods.


There are lots of ways to go about learning new things and there are plenty of options available to anyone with the desire to learn.


One VERY EASY way to grasp something new is to listen to the specialized advice of others. The more … the merrier.


That’s why online summits have become so popular.


They can be very specialized and hone in on important topics such as gluten-free living, pain management, adrenal health, whole body inflammation, clean eating, and more.


Would you like to attend a women’s summit on the topic of WEIGHT LOSS? Oh, and the price is right – it’s FREE!


Nearly two dozen women have gathered to chat all about health and weight loss. You get to listen in and “borrow their brains” for a bit.


When I heard about the plans that Wendy Wise had for 2014, I was eager to jump aboard and partner with her. I’m honored to join her project called the “Ultimate Weight Loss Success Seminar.” We’re sharing tips and tricks to help you turn your resolutions into long-term solutions to release the weight for good. Wendy has been a successful clinician for over 20 years, and personally understands your weight loss struggle. I invite you to join us  and say goodbye to yo-yo dieting for good! Click here. 


Register now so you don’t miss out on my interview TODAY!!!!


And if you’re ready for a guided Weight Loss program, there’s still time to register for the More than Just Weight Loss program with naturopath, Glen Depke. Click here for information. 




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