September 30


Where Did My Energy Go?

By Sue Ingebretson

September 30, 2014

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Where did my energy goI’ve had the topic of energy on the brain lately. I’ve recently discussed it in various newsletters, magazines, and interviews. Would you like to know why your energy disappears and fatigue takes up residence? Or get more tips on how nutrition, body motion, gut health, stress, and anxiety affect your energy levels? And, most importantly, would you like to know where to find increased energy?


Good. Then you’re in the right place.


I’ve collected the all-important

energy information resources for you!


Of course, I’ve blogged on this topic numerous times over the years. Recently, I pointed out an energy-zapping habit that is probably contributing your fatigue issues. Read that post entitled, Is This Surprising Health Risk Taking Your Breath Away? 


In another article, I shared the Four Feared Forerunners that Trigger Your Fatigue. It provides a great overview of the four basic categories of health issues that cause fatigue.  


For your own personal energy issues, and to really get to the heart of the matter, it takes donning your own Team Captain hat. It takes investigating and experimenting on your own to see what are your particular issues.


The good news is that

I’ve done much of

the work in advance.


While the causes of your particular energy issues may be different from others, we all benefit from reviewing potential causes. Comprehensive lists of causes and remedies provide a starting place for further study. You have the option to investigate further and assess what may be problematic for you. Then, you can decide what to do about it.  


In this article that I wrote for entitled The Fibromyalgia Energy Crisis, I’ve created comprehensive lists of Energy Boosts and Energy Bombs. Of course, this article is valid for anyone seeking healthier levels of energy – not just for those with fibromyalgia.   


Once you have an idea of what’s at the root of your energy health challenges, you may wish to review this additional article that gives some useful tips on boosting your energy using superfoods: Energy-Boosting Fibromyalgia Superfoods.  


Remember this is just one way to boost your energy levels. There are many to choose from!


You’ll notice in the Energy Crisis article that there are many causes of energy depletion that make our bodies work harder than they need to. ONE MAIN cause is poor digestive health. This includes leaky gut, SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrown), IBS, colitis, and more.


And what is ONE MAIN cause or trigger of poor digestive health? Food sensitivities!  


To learn a bit more about food sensitivities and overall health concerns, I invite you to watch this Google Hangout interview I did with Shirley Plant, from Delicious Alternatives. Her cookbook, Finally, Food I Can Eat! is amazing and I enjoy my conversations with her. (Hint — we’ll be hearing more about Shirley and her exciting healing programs in the near future!) I’ll be chatting again with her soon, so feel free to leave comments below on topics you’d like us to cover.


Got additional energy questions or tips to share? Chime in below so the whole community can benefit from the ongoing conversation.


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  1. So many great resources here in one article! Thanks Sue. I am really enoying your Super foods article and look forward to reading the rest over the weekend. Have a good weekend and thanks for all you do to support Fibro awareness and health

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