December 17


Because I Care About YOUR Health

By Sue Ingebretson

December 17, 2013

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Because I care about women and their health and I know most women want to stay young, vital and healthy for the rest of their lives, I knew you’d want to see this.

You may have already seen an email go out about the Ultimate Women’s Health Summit with Gail Sapone (her beautiful photo is featured to the left). What you may not have heard is that I received a special invitation to partner with this extraordinary team. This unique Summit has specifically positioned you to win. Now, it’s my privilege to partner with you and thousands of other women who’ll be connecting on this Summit and help you make changes for lasting health.

This Summit has the capacity to shake those negative thoughts about your health right out of your head and replace them with health promoting tips and strategies you can act on right away.

Imagine being able to tap into the minds of experts who are successful thought leaders! What if you could literally extract exactly what you need to start living healthier just like you’ve always dreamed possible?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Why is it that some people seem to have the secrets to staying healthy and others struggle with their health?

Is it possible to leave behind self-defeating behaviors and learn to adopt new skills and behaviors that will improve one’s health and wellbeing?

If any of this resonates with you, keep reading.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be part of a global movement that inspires women’s health and wellness? Well, here’s your opportunity to be a part of that inspiration. Would you kindly share this with your girlfriends and any other women you know that could benefit from a movement like this one?


This Summit is worth thousands of dollars in health advice and it’s yours for free.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is and giving our time and expert advice.

Be part of the huge shift that’s happening in women’s health. Let’s inspire the end of chronic illness, obesity and disease and give rise to a healthy planet!

If you’re ready for real change, I invite you and any women you know to join us for the Ultimate Women’s Health Summit.

Please join me and my fellow healthy living thought leaders by clicking here.




Sue Ingebretson

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