September 18


This Fibro/Chronic Illness Blog Post is Written By You!

By Sue Ingebretson

September 18, 2012

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Here’s a Health Riddle:

What gadget can induce pain relief, stress-relief, blood pressure reduction, improved mood and sense of happiness while simultaneously functioning as a safe, natural, non-EMF-emitting heating pad?

You guessed it. It’s Fido — or Felix (a.k.a. Gadget).

There’s no better balm for what ails you than a furry, wagging, and sometimes purring, *shedding, and/or drooling pet.

This blog post is written by you …

You already know that Pup is my writing partner, my co-worker and colleague, my fibromyalgia stress-relieving companion, and my most diligent secret-keeping confidant.

I’ve written about her in my book, FibroWHYalgia. She writes a regular column in my monthly newsletter (be sure to sign up so you don’t miss an issue!). I’ve chatted and blogged about her amazing ability to anticipate my needs and provide the right humor/distraction just at the right time.

She tells me when it’s time to eat, time to sleep, time to exercise, time to run around a look for my ringing cell phone, and time to give her the focus and attention she deserves.

So, it’s YOUR time … tell me how YOUR pup, kitty, iguana, birdie, goldfish, or other amazing pet helps you in your daily life’s struggles. Leave comments below so that others can share your stories. We’d all love to hear how YOUR pet is better than any medical treatment out there – and with all positive side effects.

Do share your comments below —

(**And here’s a BONUS tip on the shedding issue. When people [everywhere!] feel the need to extract long Sheltie fur from my black sweaters, I tell them this — and feel free to repurpose it for your own use: “It’s not that I don’t know how to use a lint brush – it’s that I love Pup so much that I choose to carry her DNA with me everywhere I go!”)

  1. I have three “fido’s” and one “felix”. They are Petey, Penny and Baby Tink (2 regular-size chihuahuas and a tiny 3 lb-er) and Pounder kitty. They are constantly by my side on a normal day and totally glued to me on days I don’t feel well. They understand and “get me”. Usually better than most of the people in my life. They make me laugh as they vie with each other for my lap. They make me forget the stress I bring home from work or the pain in my osteoarthritic knees (also brought home from work) and my tiredness (you guessed it, brought home from work) disappears as they each give me furkid kisses and tailwags or kitty hugs. They lift me up when I am down.

    It’s nice to come home to happy faces and joyful tail wags. An amazing unconditional love. I couldn’t imagine my life without them….

    1. I can completely relate! My Pup and I went through our sickest days together,and happily – we’re both quite well now. I know that she helped me every bit as much as I helped her. We’re both have “autoimmune cocktails” of conditions!

  2. My current dog, Gizmo comforts me just like his predecessor, Mighty Joe did. “The Giz” is a velcro dog. He snuggles by my side when I’m seated on the couch, he cozies up by my feet on the bed, and he always wants to sit on my lap when I’m typing.

    But most of all…he wants to go for a walk! He reminds me that there is a great outdoors. Once we’re out there, his joy vibrates onto me.

    Gizmo is a rescue dog (the first I’ve ever had) and I’ve heard that rescues are eternally thankful. He sure seems to be just that!

    If anyone is interested, he spreads joy as a gentle reminder of how great rescue dogs are on his Facebook page: …don’t look unless you are ready to be overcome by cuteness!

  3. I wanted a dog for the past 4 years since our dear little poodle Pepe died. But, after having breast cancer, chemo, radiation, and pneumonia twice, it was finally discovered the reason for all my pain is because Rheumatoid Arthritis kicked in. When I had the breast cancer genetic test, it came back negative for breast cancer, but positive for RA.

    I finally talked my husband into letting me get another dog. I mentioned it at a church dinner and told them it might be difficult to find a Poodle or a Maltese (allergies) that I could afford. The next morning one of the ladies called me and said that her neighbor had a friend that had a dog that they wanted to give away. The man was retiring from the military and going into full-time ministry. They were gone most weekends to different churches around the state and their dog spent so much time in his crate and they wanted to find him a good home where there were people around most of the time. Get this, Snow Ball is a Malty-Poo. He came to live with us that day. He has been such a joy. He sits in my lap when I am on the computer.

    He was very well-behaved, but my husband has trained him to jump on the furniture and sleep. So now, all the furniture has covers. He is 4 years old and so sweet. He really makes me feel better and think less about myself. He is such a comfort. Even my husband, who didn’t want another dog, is totally in love with Snow Ball. He is the one who takes him outside. Now that it is a little cooler, we are going on walks. Good for me and good for him.

    I am so thankful to the people who gave him to me. He is the sweetest loving little boy I know. I may have to create him a Facebook page too. Thank you, Sue, for the opportunity to share my joy.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Barbara! What a beautiful story. My pup came to me sick and dealing with autoimmune conditions. Coincidence that I was dealing with the same thing? I don’t think so! I’d love to compile these stories into a lovely book. Sounds like fun 😉

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