January 17


Upgrade Your Food’s Super Powers!

By Sue Ingebretson

January 17, 2012

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I had such a GREAT time sharing healthy news and information yesterday on my Motivational Marathon call! It was a blast to be interviewed by Deb Scott and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino. If you haven’t had a chance to listen in – catch the replay QUICK by registering here. It’s all free – no worries!

What’s great about doing these types of interviews are that I’m again reminded how hungry people are for the great news of health and healing.

It’s so amazing to experience the healing power of healthy foods!

What I wasn’t able to get to in the interview however, are two subjects I’d like to cover a bit further here. First, it’s the concept of upgrading our nutrition.

When it comes to being savvy consumers, want the best of everything, right? We often choose or at least want to choose the upgrade. We want the upgraded detail package at the car wash. We want to upgrade the carpet in our homes … upgrade our vacation packages … upgrade our choices in everything! Yet, why is it that we accept bargain basement highly processed products as the sum total of our daily nourishment? Is this really food? What are we feeding ourselves and our families? Don’t we deserve the best?

We all know we should be eating more whole foods, but what do they look like?

Whole foods are easy to spot. In a nutshell – they spoil! They can’t sit around indefinitely on a shelf. They can’t go forgotten in the trunk of your car and still be “good” weeks, or heaven forbid, months later.

The fact that whole foods spoil all by themselves is a good thing! Whole foods naturally contain the enzymes, fiber and everything they need to help your body break them down easily and efficiently. Then your body can absorb the vital nutrients they contain. That’s it – it’s really that simple. Absorbing the nutrients from what you eat (thereby building your immune system) is the job of the digestive tract and whole foods make that job easier.

If your digestion system is unhealthy – inflamed – it can’t do its job. That’s when symptoms appear and most of us are familiar with what that looks like — chronic illness!

Here’s the second thing I want to cover. It’s time to get back to the basics. Proper nutrition isn’t about taking away foods or denying yourself or starving. It’s about incorporating healthy, whole, natural foods into each and every meal. Simply make it a priority to choose to FOCUS on adding healthier foods each and every day. Plan to add whole, natural, nutrient-dense foods. ADD dark green leafy veggies. ADD nuts and seeds. ADD healthy fats – like olive, coconut, avocado or walnut oils. For that matter, eat the whole avocado. Splendid!

By the way don’t miss out on this all important nutrient — WATER! Simply put — replace unhealthy drinks with clean, pure, filtered water. Easy peasy!

By incorporating healthier foods at mealtime (rather than processed foods), you’re doing double duty. You’re providing your body with the nutrition it needs to heal all while replacing foods that tear you down. For quick results, incorporate foods that have abundant nutrients.

When I first researched the best foods to eat, I compiled a list that I now call “Sue’s Power Foods Cheat Sheet.” It’s just a list of veggies, berries, spices, etc. – that contain nutrient-dense and fiber rich foods. It’s not rocket science. I’ve included foods that contain abundant amounts of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, folic acid, etc. Most foods on this list are so common they can be found in your average supermarket. They’re anything but common, however when it comes to nutrient content – they’re powerful super-foods!

As a suggestion, start your own powerful super-foods list. Try new veggies every week. Poke around at farmer’s markets. Strike up conversations with the produce managers of your local health foods store. That’s what they’re there for! If you’d like a copy of my power foods list to get you started, feel free to email me at Sue@RebuildingWellness.com and put Cheat Sheet in the subject line. I’ll make sure you get a copy.

Happy, healthy nutrition to you and keep me posted on how you’re doing!

  1. Good point…why DO we tend to take care of material things before ourselves? After all, we need to be healthy to truly enjoy them!

  2. Absolutely -and when we really “get” the value of nourishing ourselves, then we can begin to benefit from it!

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