March 22


GOALS: Expect the Unexpected!

By Sue Ingebretson

March 22, 2011

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Routines are comforting, right? We all like schedules, the known, and the expected. Goals are much easier to monitor when life throws you no curves. Consistency equals security. But is that realistic?

A while ago, I blogged about the bumps and detours of life: Goals, Roadblocks and Detours.

For these reasons, it’s more fitting to think of life as simply one bump and one detour after another. It’s really that simple! Rather than thinking of the detour as an anomaly, think of it as the “norm.”

Earlier this year, we discussed goals and goal-setting (I Want). It’s time to dust off those goals and spiff ‘em up. Take a look at them in a new light.

Here’s what your goals are NOT:

  1. Ones that only apply in a perfect world
  2. Ones that only work when done consistently
  3. Ones that can’t change or adapt to your life

Are you following the not-so-subtle drift here? Goals change as your life changes. Changes are constant.

It’s how we adapt to change that counts.

We often experience blips in our “perfect life” routines. Blips can include but are not limited to: houseguests, business trips, business deadlines, volunteer activities, social activities, illnesses (flare ups) for you and illnesses for anyone in the family, unpleasant weather, holidays, vacations, etc….

Take a look at your goals again and write down ways to keep you on track. The first thing is to notice the blip right away. Paying attention helps you to quickly get back on track. For example, if you went “off the wagon” with your nutrition plan, it’s not an “all or nothing” proposition. Simply see it as a minor blip and make a better choice with your VERY NEXT bite (not putting it off to the next day, next week, next month…). If you’re on vacation, consider fitting in a walking tour instead of a bus tour. If you have houseguests, enlist them to help you with the shopping and healthy meal prep. There’s nothing wrong with ASKING for help.

Plan ahead, be aware, and focus on the future, not the past. These are just a few of the tricks that will keep you moving forward and toward your personal health goals. When it comes to your personal health routine — expect the unexpected!

  1. SO true, Sue. I think I’ve written before about how it’s so important to keep some goals alive after a chronic pain diagnosis, but it’s equally damaging, I think, to keep the *same* goals without periodic re-evaluation, whether we have CP diseases or not. Flexibility is not just a physical trait – it’s a mental one, too. (Oddly, I’ve found the same solution increases both kinds — yoga. Neither here nor there, just thought I’d mention it!)

    1. GREAT comments, Annie and you’re so right! Flexibility is key for all things — our goals, our compliance with our goals and even with our thinking. I, too, love yoga and tai chi as they blend/meld these ideas and practices together. They tie it all up in a neat little bow. So glad you’re finding health and healing on your path. We much each find our own path & you serve as a great example!

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