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5 Tips to Get Your Health Derailments Back on Track

By Sue Ingebretson

March 12, 2013

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I’m a big advocate of dogged pursuit. There’s nothing like grabbing onto a project and gnawing on it until it’s been reduced to a task that’s doable – and done! Any project or goal (weight loss, eating better, starting a fitness program, implementing stress-relief practices, etc.) that’s worth pursuing is worth going after with all you’ve got.

But what happens when you’re chugging along nicely and suddenly, you veer off track? As you’ll see, that may be the best thing that could ever happen to you.

Here are 5 reasons for derailments and how to get back on board:

1)      You’re over-tired

So go ahead and take a break! Get a change of scenery. Re-fuel yourself (through relaxation techniques, feeding yourself well, etc.) and then jump right back in.

2)      You’re “head down and hiney up”

That means you’re so focused on the finish line ahead, that you didn’t look up in time to see the giant boulder in your way. Try to take a step (or two) back. Get a big-picture view of your goal and see if you can work over, under, or around the obstacle. There’s always a way. We often want to make things more complicated than they need to be. HINT: You may want to bring in reinforcements (others) to help you brainstorm.

3)      You’re mired in momentum quicksand

You think you’re moving forward, but actually, you’re not. Busy work can seem like you’re gaining ground, but take another look. Is the goal any closer than it was at the start? Setting a strategic timeline may help you out here. Deadlines serve as great ways to motivate yourself and measure your progress.

4)      The finish line keeps vaporizing

You ARE moving forward, but without a clearly defined goal. It’s no wonder the finish line fades in and out of focus. If you can’t clearly, specifically, and precisely define the goal, you’ll have no idea where you’re headed.  Map it out so you can see it. Consider creating a vision board to help you truly “get the picture” of what you want.

5)      You’re fresh out of ideas

You’re running a relay but think you’re running a one person race. Maybe it’s time for some team spirit? You could look into dividing the work load and obtaining outside help. Maybe the objective opinion from a supportive friend is exactly what you need?

While interruptions, obstacles, and delays may feel disastrous at the time, they often provide the exact opportunity we need to learn something new. They can nudge us into taking that extra step. Of course, it’s the first step that’s the most important. We’ve got to start the race in order to finish it.

Are you looking for that final push to get you over the finish line? Keep your eyes peeled for a good derailment.

Share your favorite derailment story, below!

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